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Online Tax Return Analysis Training

July 28th and June 2nd for Business Lenders, June 2nd for AgLenders!



Combine online convenience with live instructor interaction in this four week lender and credit analyst class.

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What Do Lenders Say?

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What Does It Cost?

Seats are available from $495 for the Library Pass up to $1,495 for the Full Access pass.

Save more when you send more people to the Virtual Classroom or Full Access Pass. Click here to book your seat.

What Is The Schedule?

The next Virtual Tax Return Analysis classes start July 28th and June 2nd for Business Lenders, June 2nd for AgLenders.

Click here to see the full details of each week of class. (PDF)


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Global Cashflow Analysis of Tax Returns

Would you like to save time when reviewing tax returns and still get quickly to a confident ‘yes’ or ‘no’? When the basics aren’t enough, would you like to know that you can dig deeper to pull qualifying income, spot red flags and make the judgment calls?
Would you like to impress your self-employed or business borrower with your understanding of their business, the quality of your questions and the value you bring to the lending relationship? Better yet, would you like to impress your manager with your ability to spot and make good loans?

Make More Good Loans

Now you can! Banking consultant and trainer, Linda Keith CPA presents the four week virtual training on Global Tax Return Analysis for Lenders, Underwriters, Originators and Analysts to improve your competence, confidence and consistency in analyzing tax returns.

  • Spend less time getting to the right information
  • Reduce uncertainty and confusion
  • Understand the business and the borrower
  • Pull qualifying income for cashflow consideration
  • Go beyond number-crunching and apply judgment to the loan decision
  • Document the file to pass muster with the loan committee and the regulators

You will cover the content and experience the results hundreds of lenders, underwriters and analysts have gained from Linda’s two-day in-person training, but with the convenience of virtual training. No need to leave your office and travel. You don’t have to take two consecutive days out of your demanding schedule. Click on the image below to see what you have in store over the four week virtual training.